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Electrocatalysis & Bioelectrocatalysis LAB

Bio & Electrocatalysis


MISSION of the LAB: Research and development of electrocatalysts for several electrochemical reactions based on platinum group metal-free materials pursuing biomimicking and bionspired approaches within the core of the circular economy. Research and development of bacterial and enzymatic bioelectrochemical systems from fundamental to application. Scale up of the electrochemical systems towards real-world applications. Systems of interest: fuel cells, electrolyzers, CO2 electrolyzers, nitrogen reduction electrolyzers, microbial fuel cells, microbial electrolysis cells, etc.



  • Oxygen Reduction Reaction, ORR

  • Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, HER

  • Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction, HOR

  • Alcohol Oxidation Reaction

  • Oxygen Evolution Reaction, OER

  • CO2 electroreduction

  • Waste Biomass to electrocatalyst or support or biochar


  • Interaction biotic-abiotic (e- transfer)

  • Bio-sensors for detections of heavy metals

  • Bioelectrochemical systems for metals recovery

  • Integration of supercapacitors with bioelectrochemical systems

  • Bio-capacitive desalination cells