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Page updated on November 13th 2023

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Group Photo 11-2023

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Group Photo 03-2022

Post Doc Fellow (2)

Dr. Leire Caizan Juanarena (visiting Uni. Malaga)

Materials for electrolyzers and fuel cells

Dr. Lorenzo Mirizzi

Materials for water electrolyzers

PhD Students (9)

Mr. Niccolò Lamanna (visiting Jain University)


Mr. Niccolò Lamanna (joint DISAT)

2023 - Currently (1st year)

Mr. Muhammad Atta (joint with X-Nano)

Industrial PhD. 2023 - Currently (1st year)

Mr. Lorenzo Dell'Acqua (joint with X-Nano)

Industrial PhD. 2023 - Currently (1st year)

Mr. Francesco Malaj (@ NE.ME.SYS)

Industrial PhD. 2022 - Currently (2nd year)

Mr. Nicolò Giulini

2022 - Currently (2nd year)

Mr. Giovanni Zuccante

2022 - Currently (2nd year)

Mr. Ariana Seyed Mirshokraee

2022 - Currently (3rd year)

Mr. Mohsin Muhyuddin

2021 - Currently (3rd year)

Master of Science Students

Mr. Davide Testa

2021- 11/2022

Mr. Nicolo' Zocche

2021- 03/2022

Bachelor of Science Students

Mr. Roberto Landone

2021- 06/2022

Mr. Axel Scommegna

2021- 03/2022